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Thread: Jailbreak iphone

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    Default Jailbreak iphone
    i have a jailbroken and activated iphone i bought it that way ..
    i want to restore it and do the unlocking and jail breaking again ..
    so what of the advanced settings should i do ?( i mean there is downgrade bootloader and erase base band and so.. what do i need to do ?)
    do i have to do any of those or do i just plug the iphone restore to v1.1.4 and using Ziphone v3.0 "DO IT ALL" button and thats it ?

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    Well depends on the level of work you want to do...
    if you want just a quick method you can use either

    A. Option restore with 1.1.4, then use ziphone with the Do it all if you dont have ATT or use the jailbreak button if you do have ATT.

    B. use Pwnage Tool. personally it has not been working for me but I am on my third day and its a work in progress also an extra step of work compared to what you would get from ziphone. Would have to put phone in DFU-->in the PTOOL use the ipwner and let it do its job --> once completed phone should still be in DFU mode --> use the IPSW Builder to make your firmware. and do the option restore with the new one created.

    Like I said the last one is a lot longer

    Hope all works out..


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    Ok let's say I wanna do it with ziphone .there is like a thousand buttons like DFU mode and sort of ..let's say first stet I restore from iTunes to 1.1.4 then what do I press??(not at&t user and allready jailbroker once and unlocked ...)

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    If you want to do it with Ziphone (ufff), you only need to choose "Do it All" after restore to 1.1.4 with iTunes.

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    but some people says I shout erase basband or to downgrade the bootloader and stuff like that I have to do them?or cuz I have an already unlocked and jailbrrockrd phone I don't have ??

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    But what is your OTB version? Only old 1.0.2 OTB treated with old unlocking systems could need to make some dangerous alchemy before upgrade.

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    I am a v1.1.4 now that's how I got my phone the man I bout it from did it all that's all i know...

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    I tink that if your phone has been already upped to 1.1.4, you dont need to are worried with the BL version. Just Do it All. Ziphone works fine almost always. ;-)

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    LOL ok and if I restored all my contacts will be deleted right ?? Gotta I good way to save just the contacts ??

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