im in desperate need of help! i just tried to upgrade my iphone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 by using the guides:
Oct. 24th, 07. - Added Virginizing your 1.0.2 iPhone for Upgrade to 1.1.1 NEW!
Oct. 24th, 07. - Added Upgrading to 1.1.1 NEW!
Oct. 24th, 07. - Added Preparing the 1.1.1 iPhone for Unlock/Modding NEW!
Oct. 24th, 07. - Added Unlocking 1.1.1 iPhone NEW!

my iphone was originally unlocked with iunlock and was working fine till i got stuck on step 2. everything was fine for step one, but when it came to step 2, i had to use iNdependance to do the pre 1.1.1 upgrade. i could not press the button and it said that i had to have ssh installed, so u went to the ssh tab and installed it on my iphone.

later, it asked me to restart my iphone. the moment it was on again it could not recognise my sim. am i supposed to get that!? i really dont know. then i clicked the pre 1.1.1 upgrade and followed the instructions. it then said it was succesful. the guide said to QUIT iNdependance THEN click ok on the success msg but HOW AM I SUPPOESED TO DO THAT?? i clicked ok then quit independance.

i then opened itunes and it showed me the set up your new iphone msg like the guide said it was supposed to show, so i followed the procedures and got it done with.

i then clicked the update button in itunes but it didnt show what the guide said it was supposed to. it just said that it was connecting to itunes server blabla n i had to agree to the terms n conditions so on and so forth which i believe is not what i am supposed to get. now, my iphone cannot read my sim card and it has only 300MB OF TOTAL SPACE ON IT!!

after that, i repeated the independance steps a few more times and i think during one of the times i left my ITUNES ON!! I REALLY NEED SOME HELP NOW.. im not sure if i have just bricked my iphone.. somebody please help my im very desperate right now