I am hoping someone might shed some light my situation:

  1. I virginized my Anysim 1.0.2 bricked iPhone.
  2. I upgraded to 1.1.1. Did not get the "Invalid SIM". IMEI was correct. Phone told me to connect to itunes to activate.
  3. I do have a valid, activated AT&T Sim that I wanted to reactivate.
  4. Once the upgrade completed and restarted, I got a message that the iTunes store may be busy and to check my Internet Connection
  5. I tried the phone in multiple computers. Same message.
  6. I put in another valid SIM and it tried to restore/activate, i.e. I did not get the message that iTunes store was busy.
  7. As soon as I put in the other SIM back I get the message again.

I don't want to unlock at this time, just to get back to the factory state and do a clean upgrade to 1.1.1.

It seems the problem is related to the SIM, so is the SIM blacklisted or something?

Thanks for any help.