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Thread: new iphone owner

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    Hi my name is sean and i own a new iphone, i have already jailbroken it unlocked it(dont have service yet though) and got installer on it and a few apps. i got a few questions though, currently i am on 1.1.4 and would like to downgrade to 1.1.1. how should i do this and should i do this?o also it comes up saying waiting for activation this may take a few minutes. This is on 1.1.4. o i have my friends blank att sim card in it but it shows his phone number in itunes??? WTF is that about?
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    You must to post more details about your unlocking process. When you "unlock" your phone with Ziphone, iLiberty, Pwnage... you are doing 3 things: unlock, activate and jailbreak. If iTunes ask for activation then you have do something wrong.

    And what's your reason for downgrade?

    (sorry for my siouxglish) ;-)

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    Different ways of unlocking an iPhone all have their own hang ups. I don't think its wise of you to go down to 1.1.1 eitherway. As for your friends "Blank Sim", its obviously not blank. It was probably an old sim card that he deactivated, but the sim still has information on it. You don't need a sim in the iphone to use all funtions other than the phone ofcourse.

    Right now 1.1.3 has alot of problems with it, but most of the applications have fixes. fw1.1.3 seems the best idea since with the new fw2.0 coming soon. I assume installer will have a build in upgrader soon enough.

    If you decide to downgrade, there are various ways you can do this, one of which being to flash with a 1.1.1 firmware, and follow online directions to upgrade through installer.

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    There is no reason to have 1.1.1. Only reasons not to have it. I would recommend leaving your phone on 1.1.4.

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    Ok i have now run into a snag. I dont have very good credit. i restored my iphone today and tried activating and getting service through the normal itunes way but it wont let me it says something authorization required and to either go to att or try another family member. So on this note that means i will have to pay a deposit. I dont wanna do that. can i just activate and unlock with ziphone and go to another carrier and get service without having to pay a deposit???? dang this suks now i gotta drive half an hour just to get a credit check. THen probably have to pay a huge deposit. My credit stinks! lol

    any body? also is there a way to tell if the phone is actually unlocked? i just need some info. if i cant get service then the phone is doing me no good!
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    The only other carrier in the US that is compatible is T-Mobile so you can try with them and see. Last resort is pre-paid.

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