Let me start with I have read, on several forums looking for the actual anwers.
I like many used the Geohot/ISPF spoof server method, with success. I am now running on a 1.1.1 phone with all of the trimmings, THanks Guys.
But Low and behold the Rumor mill has once again began to turn out the new group of rumors.
Now... the people who had the "golden ISPF Key" have found themselves to be up the creek with out a paddle if in fact there seczones have been lost, i.e if ISPF didnt back up there seczones they are fully screwed.
This news seems to be from Geohot himself, from all that i can decipher from all of my reading.
Now is where it gets confusing, were our seczones rendered as useless as the poor chaps using ISPF, or are we still in the clear.
Next question, where would we be able to get said seczone back, could it be on Geohots server???

How does the new Virginizing tool by elite differ other than the server issue???
Or am i really just worried about nothing?? It always rock to be the earlier adopter, but we alway seem to get some sort of shaft later on, dont we???