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Thread: Hello guys. I need a little help, please.

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    Default Hello guys. I need a little help, please.
    Hello guys. I have a problem that I didn't met at nobody till now and Google didn't help me either.

    I'm on Version 1.1.1, Modem firmware 04.01.13_G.

    Somebody called me last night for about 10 times, I didn't hear the phone. This morning I've noticed that if somebody wants to call me then the name appear, the picture of the contact, the loading circle in the middle of the screen and at the bottom instead of "slide to answer" it says "slide to unlock". In this time while the person is ringing I can't do anything, the touchscreen won't respond. And the loading circle is there all time. After the person end the call the phone willbe ok, I can see the missed call... It doesn't matter if the phone is in standby or is on, the same "slide to unlock will appear".

    I can make phone calls, the sms works, wifi... the phone is great, but I can't answer the calls Thank you very much in advance.

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    hmm.. have u installed pysl ? or smthin similar to blacklist applications?
    had the same issue two days ago
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    thats happened to me before, try shutting down and turning back on if that doesn't work than restore and might as well update to 1.1.4 or 1.1.3
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    First of all thank you both for your response.

    Quote Originally Posted by stocis View Post
    hmm.. have u installed pysl ? or smthin similar to blacklist applications?
    had the same issue two days ago
    Yes, I have pysl. That might be the problem? If I uninstall pysl it would work again? How did you fix the problem? I didn't know that pysl is blacklisted, I don't even know where the black list is unfortunately for me The irony is that I never found a real use for the application.

    @morphiusrt I've restarted the phone (reboot, resping), also shut it off and then on again and nothing... Also I don't really want to upgrade because all the contacts (with lots of detail, notes, pictures), calendar data, notes...

    Edit: I've uninstalled pysl and now the phone is in recovery I think... I see that cable icon with the iTunes icon...
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    yup now you have to restore, i hope you synced before, or all info will be lost, contacts i always sync to outlook contacts and you will always have a backup for them no matter what happens. sync pics to a folder.

    the phone call problem was fixed by shutting down, but yours is most likely from pysl.... i don't even know what that is
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    I've managed to kick out of restore mode the phone with iLiberty+, iTunes will see the phone and all but the phone only displays the recovery mode screen... so obviously I need that upgrade Unfortunately I don't have backups of contacts, notes or anything but I think I will be able to do somehow. Can you help me please?

    Also, what do I do after I make backups? Restore from iTunes with 1.1.4 then use iLiberty+?

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    if u synced just once with itunes then u'd be able to restore ur pictures, songs contacts etc..

    and yes iLiberty or ziphone.. weird though that it went in recovery mode.. i've uninstalled just fine
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    there was already a problem maybe that combination of the program and phone problems together may have caused this, if you uninstalled before it became bad than that might make the difference.

    i've heard iliberty was better but ziphone worked for me
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