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Thread: A method for Virginizing your baseband

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalton voss View Post
    I'm really curious about this one, too - it seems like if it works, it might be the best way to "virginize" the phone...
    i can no longer redo it the second time
    does it have anything to do with the number of times we can rewrite baseband?

    i also tried reverse baseband..
    bbupdater -f ICE...eep
    bbupdater -e ICE...fls

    doesn't help

    i'm still stuck with an expensive brick.. no calls, no wifi, no imei.. just ipod

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    Angry Any suggestions?
    Hey all - the gist of my iphone unlocking exploit goes thqat I bought a 1.1.1 in NY last week - I came back, followed simple instructions to downgrade to 1.0.2 through itunes (though even then had issues getting itunes to do it properly - on SEVERAL computers). iunlock did its stuff (following youtube video from mokujin21 @ [ame=""]YouTube - How to Unlock your iPhone v2 (Very Simple Tutorial) Part 1[/ame]) though afterwards I couldnt use my sim - s I pretty much had a pda - after following virginizing guides, the process would go no further than norz "waiting for data"

    Long and short opf it is now I have a 1.1.1 restored iphone, that asks to be activated through itunes. Trying to downgrade to 1.0.2 brings up error code 1 just after extracting the image (so about 10 seconds in). Trying to upgrade to 1.1.1 brings up error 1011. The iphone says "repair needed - cannot make or receive calls" - the baseband is obviously wiped.

    I kinda have a frazzled brain - can anyone suggest anything?

    I cant jailbreak the phone (as I cant make emergency calls, and ibrickr wants me to downgradde before it does anything, which as I said it wont do)

    I can't obviously ssh in, or even tiff exploit and get wifi working, so no bbupdater or anything.

    WHat can I do? please help - I will seriously consider having your babies for a working iphone....

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