for the ipuc jailbreak method
If you use this jailbreak method, you will not have the AFC2 service running on your phone yet. Thus, it is not fully jailbroken since iPHUC (and other programs) need this service to read/write files from/to the entire filesystem. To add it you need to add this section to /System/Library/Lockdown/Services.plist:

right after the definition of the service at the start of the file. Then reboot your phone.

After that, when using iPHUC, do it this way:

./iPHUC -a
if you want full filesystem access.
can some one post a working afc2 .plist so i can see if iam doing it right
this also needs to be posted on mmi people can upload gives you full read and write access..wich is why my iswitcher isnt working!!!!