Im currently on 1.1.4 but i wont to downgrade to 1.1.1 so i can have customized and other additional apps that 1.1.4 do not work with.

and can restore back to how it was when i got the iphone before activation etc..

Im using this method below in red but when i decline the call it goes back to the slider instead of jumping to the contacts

all i want to do is back date to 1.1.1 is there any other way of me doing this pre activation

i normally use ziphone so can install 1.1.4 with no probs

Hope you can help

Unlock pre activation
Make sure you have a SIM-card with PIN turned off, and power on your phone (the supplied AT&T card works fine).
On the activation screen, slide for emergency and dial: *#301# to make the phone call itself. (If the incoming call dialog quickly disappears but it keeps ringing, just dial 0 (remove *#301# first), and it will call itself)
Answer the call, and tap on Hold
Phone will call it self again, tap Decline. You will now be returned to the normal dialer.
Tap on contacts, and tap the + icon to add a new. The only info you are going to add to this contact are two URL's. To add a URL, tap Add new URL. The first URL is prefs followed by a colon: prefs: and the second is i.unlock.no. Tap Save.
Your contact now has two "web pages" - tap on the first one (prefs. This will take you to the settings dialog. The reason you want this, is because you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network, so tap on Wi-Fi, and get connected to a network, and make sure the icon on top of the screen is indicating that you are connected. While you are in the settings dialog, you should also set: General → Auto-Lock → Never.
Now, press the home button, and again, slide for emergency dial 0, Answer the call, Hold and Decline the new call so that you get to the contacts. Tap on your contact (No Name), and this time tap on the other home page, i.unlock.no
Safari will launch and show you a webpage. Tap on Tap here to jailbreak your iPhone
Phone will return to activation screen and after a few seconds the phone should restart.
If the phone does not restart after waiting a full minute, please make sure that you have your phone connected to the computer and try again.
When the phone starts again, it should no longer say slide for emergency, but rather Slide to unlock It means it was successfull! Activation is now bypassed, and phone prepared for software installation! (If you are going to use an AT&T SIM, you won't need to do the next step.)