Ok, so I've been running 1.1.3, jailbroken on my ipod touch (8g) for some time now, but since I am into programming I decided to install the 2.0 beta firmware (the one that expired today). I know the 2.0 firmware is ok because when I install it it gives me the PSOD. So, I figured I'd follow those instructions for PwnageTool on my PowerBook G4 (running leopard). I was able to make the new restore file, but the problem is, when I try to restore to it (from 1.1.4, jailbroken, w&w/o recovery mode) it always gives me error 1600 after extracting.

What am I doing wrong?

To clarify:
10.5.2 (up to date)
PowerBook G4
1ghz powerpc
512mb ram

iPod touch before all of this:
1.1.3 jailbroken

while trying to install:
1.1.4, jailbroke with iLiberty.
tested with and without recovery mode.

Any ideas? ( again )

As a side note for the people wondering why I don't just download the latest version of the ipod touch firmware, it's because I may or may not have a legit copy (honestly I want to give apple $99 for the iphone firmware, I really do... they just don't want my money .... )