Hey guys this is my first post here so i hope its easy to understand and i hope someone can help me

well my iphone was locked i think it said please activate phone. so i tried to follow some tutorials on how to jailbreak it, so i wound up using ibrickr and it said that i was currently using 1.1.1, so it wanted me to downgrade so i followed all the instructions and whenever i try to upgrade itunes give me an error (i know its supposed to do that) but everyone says that after it gives me this error my iphone should show a triangle on it but mine shows a sign that says to connect it to itunes. and the only thing that ibrickr has to say about that is "you should try again" but ive tried a billion times and its the same thing every time. now every time i turn on my iphone, it doesnt even say please activate it just has the connect to itunes sign, so i dont know what to do .

maybe im being really retarted and missing something lol. so please help me

(oh and btw ive tried using AppTappInstaller but it hasnt worked for me either)