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Thread: Why should I upgrade?

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    Default Why should I upgrade?
    I'm not sure what's wrong with me but I keep going back to the idea of updating my iPhone (8GB purchased date iPhone was released - June 2007).
    I have jailbroken it and I'm now using 1.1.1 iPhone software. I'm using AT&T and have no intention of unlocking. So I've got lots of programs loaded and all is functioning just fine with themes and summerboard and customize and categories to minimize the pages. I use LocateMe which I believe gives me the same functionality as apple's googlemaps locate feature. I love my iPhone!

    BUT I don't have jiggly icons. I notice that there are some programs in Installer that only work with 1.1.3 and 1.1.4. I probably have some which won't work with the upgrade but I'm not even sure what they are. It's gotten crazy with all these different methods of jailbreaking and some things which work with one and not the other. I was ready to use Ziphone but held off. Now I'm more inclined to use iLiberty+ 1.5.1 because of some of the things I've read. I think the Pwnage Tool is still above me since I have no clue how to modify any .ipsw to make it what I need. But why am I even messing with my iPhone? Should I just hold off and remember "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Why do I feel left behind?

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    you should upgrade because...everyone else is doin' it.
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    You may want to upgrade from a purely practical standpoint. Because 1.1.3 switched the default user from root to mobile I would believe that future apps would be designed with that in mind and not run properly on 1.1.1. Additionally, the gimmicky updates are worthwhile (jiggly icons etc) . Also, the tiff exploit in Safari will be patched which is always reassuring.

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    Definitely upgrade the firmware to 1.1.4. You will have wiggly icons, as well as more features. It's also a more stable firmware.

    And it's really easy to jailbreak. If you are scared of the pwnage tool (but its easy, you don't have to edit any ipsw files yourself), then I would recommend ziphone. One click jailbreak, done in about 45 seconds.

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    honestly.. upgrading has never been any easier... I upgraded to 1.1.4 using ziphone at first and nothing went wrong at all! NOTHING! I then Pwned my iPhone and I thought it went even more faster and smoother. Just follow the guide to use Pwnage Tool in here and everything will be alright. If you have had your iphone for that long you would have been familiar with the old school jailbreaks and unlocks and I thought they were more fiddly than the present ones now. Its literally almost like a one click process.

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    Ok it's done and all is good! Now I'm fine tuning and loading apps again but wondering, what took me so long?? I'm no longer stuck in the past! Thanks all.

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