I have 100 dollars in Best buy gift cards. There are three things I want and I don't know what to get.
I've been looking at the Otterbox Case for my iphone because I heard it protects very well and I had one on my iPhone 4 and hated the screen protecter for it because it was a POS. I also used a Lifeproof for my iPhone 4 and I loved it and even bought one for my 18th birthday for my iPhone 5 but it had some problems.

The second case I want is the Lifeproof Fre for the iPhone 5 and I like the waterproof protection for it and it seems great. I really like the case design for it and I sometimes work in the rain for hours and I'm going to start working a lot during the summer. I need a case that will protect it really well

My third case I want is the mohpie juice pack because I don't charge it sometimes or I will run out of battery which is extremely rare on iOS 7.