so i know that the iphone4s only works with 2.4ghz wifi. but it also will randomly disconnect. switches over to 3g and burns data time. if it can ever connect.

there are hundreds of message discussions on apple main forums about this. so its real.

good way for cellphone companies to make money. my conspiracy mind will say.

but thinking now that its just a poorly designed 2.4ghz wifi algorithm in the iphone4s. a better way to fix the iphone is the following

1). investigate if your wifi chip is having problems. some have good luck by freezing the iphone for twenty minutes in the freezer of your refrigerator. or heating with a hair dryer while playing a movie. if this happens then think about changing exchanging the iphone at an apple store. i did, and got some improvements for wifi.

2). make sure you use CHANNEL 1 on your router. 802.11g only. if your connection fails on that, it only gets worse with other choices. letting the iphone attempt to pick the best channel is a bad gamble. channel 6 and 12 are other locked choices. you may need to change channels in your router if your iphone gets locked out of wifi.

3) set you router to give a specific IP address every time. this has worked to clear issues of other wifi devices in my home.