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Thread: iPhone 4 - Only turns on when plugged in to power source.

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    Default iPhone 4 - Only turns on when plugged in to power source.
    What's up guys I'm trying to repair a family friends iPhone 4. Her phone suddenly turned off and wouldn't boot back up. When plugged into a computer the iPhone doesn't boot into the OS but simply stays at the Apple logo screen and nothing.

    When plugged into a wall outlet the iPhone 4 will boot into the OS but when it is finally booted it will tell me to 'restore' my iPhone. When the iPhone is NOT plugged in it is not responsive.

    When plugged into the wall outlet I proceeded to do a reset to erase all data and settings, that went on for a couple hours and I interrupted it because of how long it took. I got back into the OS and reset the network settings and then the phone rebooted and it was working fine, even without power from the cable!

    Shortly thereafter it turned off yet again and I have been unsuccessful in restoring it back to its original state. I'm chalking it up to a hardware problem of some sort because it seems sudden jerks will cause the phone to shut off. The phone is still running iOS 5.

    Does anyone know what hardware components could be causing this malfunction? I already know the battery is not the issue because I have other iPhone's lying around that I use for testing. The batteries all work fine so I'm assuming the problem somewhere deeper in the phone's internals.

    I'd appreciate any assistance on the matter, thanks!

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    Additionally when I try and restore the iPhone I constantly recieve an error 21.

    I have altered and deleted host files, tried in recovery, DFU and pwned-DFU modes. I'm not quite sure what else to do, I've reached a wall and it really sucks.

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