Hi forum,

I just purchased a GPP for my Sprint iPhone 4s. This is for two reasons, I am about to travel out of country for a while and when I come back I want to use back Sprint and later switch to T-Mobile.

So my question is:

1) If i set my phone to use the GPP right now, can I take it out and put back the Sprint sim card for sprint service until I actually go on the trip? (I want to prepare it before I head out to the trip since I might not have internet there in the beginning)

2) After I come back from the trip, can I switch out the GPP and use Sprint again? (kind of the same question as #1)

3) If I use GPP for a network in China, can I still use the same GPP for T-Mobile later?

4) Would Sprint still work if I put a Sprint sim over the GPP Chip/Tray?

Any Help is appreciated!