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Thread: punisher slider

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    Default punisher slider
    Hi does anyone know where i can get a decent punisher skull slider for my touch. its 2nd gen ver. 3.1.3 and jailbroken already

    thanks in advance

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    Is it just a lock slider your after? Or shut down too? Which ever, i can pobably make you one... ?

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    can you help me in removing the slide to answer arrow make it invisible when someone calls and your iphone is locked =)TIA

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    Possibly yer... U still wanting to slide, but the slider to be invisible yer?

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    i would be happy with just the unlock slider but if you could do both that would be great

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    that is absolutely correct i tried a winterboard theme clearlockscreen it works on the lockscreen but not when someone calls you when the phone is locked =D pretty please with sugar on top lol

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    yours is simple... I can do both if you wish, an sort of style in particular? Or just plain old skull?

    urs shud be fairly simple i think... Although i do kno the file for that is in a slightly different place... Shall have a look for you

    Riiiight, cute_kamote, this shud be fairly easy, ive found which file it is i need to
    modify for u... I take it ur ok with sshing into ur phone and stuff? - this goes to zombiebub too thinking about it...
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    thanks a lot man yes i can do stuff like that =)

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    I would prefer the skull from the punisher movie with Tomas Jane and John Travolta

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    The one on his tshirt tht his son gives him

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