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Thread: Fully discharge?

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    Default Fully discharge?
    Is it necessary to do a complete discharge/charge once in a while on your iPhone?

    Or is it bad?

    Apple's iPhone site says you should do a complete charge cycle once a month, and I don't know if they meant to fully discharge and charge.


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    They mean fully discharge and charge.

    Everyone says you should do that to a rechargable battery on a regular basis to help the battery last as long as possible. They also say you should not let the battery stay plugged into a charger after its done charging.

    I have NEVER fully discharged any cellphone, or my iphone, or any of the few ipods ive had and NEVER have a problem with the battery.

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    So if I summarize what you said:

    It's recommended you fully discharge and charge, but you never did it? :P

    Can anyone tell me if doing this actually helps your iPhone?

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    Lithium batteries do not like to be fully discharged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simtech View Post
    Lithium batteries do not like to be fully discharged.
    Doesn't Apple's iPhone battery site ( ) claim that we should periodically do a complete charge cycle?

    Maybe Apple doesn't know that their iPhone has LiI batteries

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    They probably don't.

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    after I upgraded to 1.1.4 my phone doesnt hold a charge and when i plug it up to the USB it doesnt recognize it. why is this and ho can i fix it?

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    I dont do it on purpose, but Ive done it a few times when Im close to discharging it all the way. It should be done so that you can get the most time out of your battery...

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