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Thread: I have a Dream

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    Default I have a Dream
    In a perfect world, my iPhone would have animated icons that constantly update according to what they do without having to open the app (unless you want more detailed info)

    Weather: the little icon would reflect the weather that is currently outside in your city. On a sunny day, you see the rays of the sun shining and flowers blowing in the wind. On a couldy day you would see clouds zip by the sun blocking it out of view. On a rainy day... well you get the picture. Each type of weather would affect the way the other icons act. Nice days, some how the icons would be more cheerful. Bad days icons would look gloomy and droopy.

    Stocks: Ticker like design where your stocks would scroll along the stocks icon giving you the info you need.

    Maps: GPS navigation style that would follow your path. As you pass certain points of interest a little sms style bubble would pop up giving you info that you have imput into your phone. Lets say you select.... Gas stations, restaurants, historical sites, ect... All this would be on a user generated network that people can add reviews and new locations. Again, still many other things that Maps can do, this is just a sample.

    As for other animated icons, Youtube could play a little fake video in it's icon (if you have a TV looking one)

    The list could go on. I can only sit back and dream that one day it will happen.

    If anyone ever gets into developing this, I would love to help out and give input on ideas

    and a background that changes according to the time/day/etc... my samsung dsg900 was cool with it's shooting stars at night and planes flying by during the day
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    Well, apps that auto update in the background would be great, but let's consider the side effects: 1) battery drain, because of apps that are updating at frequent intervals. 2) The SDK won't allow it.

    I totally back your ideas though. I think that many of us have had those visions.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    I don't really care about the stocks and maps icon updating, the weather one would be great if it would update every 5 minutes...

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    how do you put the dream bubble chat bubbles on my iphone? pleaze help me!!!

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