not to bore you guys (and gals) but i just got a refurbished iphone v1.1.1 that has never been unlocked or jailbroken post i don't want to join in the at&t 2 year stranglehold and i am wondering what the cheapest and easiest way to go is for a pay as you go type setup and preferrably an unlimited or really sweet data plan...before this i was using tracfone so go easy on me...also, what is the most reliable and safest way to unlock a v1.1.1 phone? is it worth it to get the updates or is this a way for apple to lock phones that were unlocked? right now i am thinking of using the updated and patched download on this forum for the zibri unlock as performed by the dev team...getting a t-mobile pay as you go account and performing the t-zones hack so i can have an affordable data i crazy or will this suffice...can i expect some things to not work like youtube or the edge network? thanks in advance...peace