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    I wanna first say that I think modmyi should have a help forum...I think that would be a good my problem....I dropped my iphone today while attempting to answer a call...I have the switcheasy case on it...but somehow the fall from waist to the ground still damaged my phone apparently...I keep getting a message that says..."this accessory is not made to work with iphone"...then it's asking me if I wanna enter airplane mode to cut down on audio interference....add to that the speaker isnt working because of this problem I believe...and to pile on that I guess the iphone thinks something is plugged in...because when I attach the power won't charge or connect to's a unlocked jailbroken 1.0.2 phone that I upgraded to when I tried to virginize it through install it wouldnt work...because I needed to downgrade to 1.1.1...when I downgraded the said I needed to now restore through itunes...the problem is due to the problem I'm having itunes isn't reading my I have a iphone with no service due to the downgrade...and I cant get it to sync with my itunes...and I can't take it to apple because I was unable to virginize and restore....and being that I have no service now...I can't access installer....any suggestions?

    Another question...since my iphone is about to run out of juice soon...and I cant get it to charge or respond to the any of you think the apple store would be able to tell if its unlocked?....will they attempt tp trouble shoot and just give me another because of no power...or would they open and replace with a good battery then find that my phone was jailbroken??
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