I was one of the first buyers, June 29th. After having the phone activated for the first hour, there were several things I did not like about it.

My biggest gripe was lousy reception, AT&T I'm sure, but lousy none the less. Low speaker volume, both earpiece and external/hands free speaker. The ipod features, I really like, and sounds good too. Really like the larger screen for video. Maps feature is great, and really like safari (when not locking up).

Either last Thurs or Fri all the sudden the earpiece speaker started popping and stopped working. I checked several forums and called apple. I did the latest upgrade, which gave me a yellow triangle, then restore (maybe the other way around). During both I wound up with errors, but I can still use it with either the speakerphone or earbuds.

I did the plug in, remove over and over with the earbud jack, and the earpiece will work for about 20 seconds. Went to att&t store where I bought it, asked about a loaner phone for the time apple took to repair, nope. Called the apple store, about 2 hours away. Wanted me to make an appointment, and if they could not get it fixed, it would have to be sent in, no loaner phones as apple says no more. hmmm... after reading posts all over, don't think their going to get it fixed.

Called apple, said they could ship a loaner out and when I got that phone, send mine it. Only 30 bucks, so a fit was pitched. Now, no 30 dollar charge, sending me a loaner while mine gets fixed (we'll see).

I've been a long time apple user, and mainly happy with the products (just a few gripes here and there). After getting this phone, I'm sick of apple. I know it's a new product and bound to have pitfalls, but I wish they would have done a little more R&D before release.

I'm really thinking I should have bought a blackberry, and stayed with my previous provider. Very rare did I have a dropped call or poor reception.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed apple with fix the problems, I just don't have much faith after reading other's experiences.