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Thread: What Are Your 1.1.*2* Wishlist Features

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwcrash View Post


    OH god yes.
    Make the Maps Loaded on the Iphone too. So we don't have to use the damn edge network!! And voice Directions. That would KILL the N95 and just leave it for dead.

    You can't forget the video. I mean...seriously? No video! What the hell are you thinking apple!!?

    I'd also like to see this 'iphone' to be like its OS..Be a DAMN computer!
    --> Make On-the-Go playlists from your IPHONE to use in your ipod!
    --> Used has a Hard Drive!
    --> Leopard ooh yeh, that would be candy-licious. And Increased stability!!
    --> Horizontal Text messages. Oh this is a DOOZY of an upgrade.
    --> Better Bluetooth capabilities.
    --> Condiment dispenser and Portable shower. (Like this Ad said, lol.)

    Although, apple knowing that we are a hacking community would probably write these stuff down and just blacklist them to get us back. hahaha. - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    I hope 1.1.2 doesn't brick 1.1.1

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    How about Landscape Keyboard-option across the whole device?

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    Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself:
    pop a little iTrip in there for the second gen iPhone... That would hit the spot
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    Quote Originally Posted by s2k View Post
    copy paste and flash
    Ill second those... mms and video recording sounds nice too, then Ill be complete (of course Ill need the ability to mod along with all those great things.)

    Okay I dont want to sound like a complete mac noob here (iphone is my first mac), but what is leopard? Is it an OS that is going to be used for the iphone, or an OS for a mac that will work better with the iphone?

    Also, using the iphone as a hardrive would be nice too.
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    copy paste
    the ability for the phone to perform oral sex on me
    tabbed internet browsing on safari

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farani View Post
    the ability for the phone to perform oral sex on me

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    copy / paste
    Rec Video
    Bluetooth Music

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    landscape everything
    1win.1 loss.1 draw

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    Quote Originally Posted by listenclose View Post
    landscape everything
    me too!!

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    I want video and Bluetooth stereo!
    Flash for sure!!

    I want 3rd party support!!

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    Other than the stuff mentioned thing that i would to have the iPhone support A2DP...I think is retarded that it wasn't included before

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    Would like to send pics in texts.

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    Default Security
    What about security. Wouldn't it be useful to have an antivirus and a virusscan. I think in future we'll need that.

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    Making it a mountable hard drive would also seem to be a simple endeavor that a lot of folks would use...I know there are thirty party apps that can help accomplish this, but plug and go "thumb drive" functionality would be greatly appreciated, methinks.

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    it would be pretty kool to have an optional ethernet attachment so u could get like t3 internet speeds. or the dumbshits could just put the thing on the 3G network!!!!

    and free ringtones would be nice

    ne one have ne ideas on putting ringtones on the 1.1.1 firmware version without jailbreaking it with the new dev team solution????

    let me no if u do!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukeyxdukey View Post
    ...or the dumbshits could just put the thing on the 3G network!!!!
    Nah...I think most of us prefer the longer battery life that NOT having 3G adds. This has been much debated and not many folks are willing to accept exponentially less battery time on phone calls and via iPod in exchange for 3G access.

    But you're on the right track with free ringtones...I'll bet everyone would be all over that idea.

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    Maybe already set up for adding apps and everything to give the Team here a break!!!! No more modding!

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    Oh my list grows longer for this daily BUT, my big wishes are:

    -Exchange support without IMAP (ActiveSync interaction or something? I know, it is MS BUT they need to see the real need for this, us SysAdmins of the world are gadget fiends but we need our mail too - OH, maybe thunderbird?!?!?!)
    -The SMS stuff, oh how we all want it
    -A2DP would be soooo nice at work when I am building out new boxes and just need to listen to some tunes and tune out the rowdy Windoze SA's

    I am not asking for much here apple, no really, i am not

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    Picture messaging surely could be implemented in a firmware upgrade. Old phones had pic messaging a long time before 3G.
    Video recording would also be good...
    But the thing I really want it to be able to delete 'part' of a conversation on my SMS without clearing the whole thing. Surely thats simple enough?!

    Increased stability so Safari stops crashing randomly - and horizontal keyboard too.
    The ability to download an MP3 file from the web and play it - or add it to your iTunes?

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