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Thread: texting via email: THIS MESSAGE HAS NO CONTENT

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    Default texting via email: THIS MESSAGE HAS NO CONTENT
    does anyone get this a lot?

    I love the ability to text message people via email using their carrier-specific email ( )

    but sometimes (and lately more often than not) I get "This message has no content". sometimes if I wait an unknown amount of time (could be a few minutes. could be a day). It will display the message in preview, but when I go to see the message it will either load forever and never fully load, or still display 'this message has no content'.

    also, some texts just go missing all together! I'm experiencing this talking to someone with tmobile.

    is this happening to anyone else? It's so frustrating!!

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    This seems to be a problem with some of the unlocked iPhone's compatibility some Carriers.

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    I have never unlocked my phone and use AT&T, communicating with a t-mobile phone via email text

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    I've had this problem a lot with ebay and paypal emails

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    Me too.

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    sometimes here
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    The only solution I've found is going into my online gmail account, as opposed to the mail program in itself. is everyone else having these problems with a 3rd party online mail client like gmail or yahoo?

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    Yeah, this is a known problem with gmail. Im not sure if any of the other providers have this issue.

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    I know this is an old thread, but since no one has posted a good workaround yet, here it is:

    Simply move the offending mail into the Trash or Sent mail folder. It will then read fine and you can move it back to the inbox.

    As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with your Service provider or it being a hacked phone. I have a customer with a standard POP account (not gmail), and a stock ATT phone with the same issue occasionally. The fix worked for him too.
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