Hiya Everybody,

Got a little problem with SSH if anybody can help. Here's the deal..
Zi-jailbroken iPhone, 1.4 firmware. Running WinSCP and Putty on Windows XP.
Can only connect to SCP and Putty if a webpage is being loaded on the iPhone. Other than that, no problems...but It's bloody frustrating to have to keep loading pages just to use a shell. (especially when it used to work flawlessly).
I tried two separate machines on my network with the same result, meaning that the problem is either with with my network or my iPhone. (and the network seems to be okay). I've done a complete reinstall of everything, including the jailbreak with the same results. (i.e. SSH refuses to connect, or disconnects if it's preforming an action..Unless the iPhone's loading a page).
Anyone have any ideas?