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Thread: Similar to bottom part of screen not working... but it does?

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    Default Similar to bottom part of screen not working... but it does?
    Ever since 1.1.1 my phone has had strange quarks.
    -- When I go to END CALL I have to push the button several times, or what for the other person to hang up.
    -- Twice the END CALL button has been in the upper left corner, and unreadable [only know what it is from the red colored box] and it hangs up if you tap it.
    -- Intermittently its really slow to go to Home [being anywhere and pushing the bottom button to get back to main screen].
    -- The zoom out/in stopped working on FaceBook today, but worked on the Maps later on. I couldn't pinch or do anything to make it zoom... you could still flick your finger and the page would scroll.

    As you can see, first time poster, but visit daily since I got my phone about a month or two ago.

    I bought it outright through AT&T [got pushed in the pool with my old phone], actually got it a week before the price-drop [cool, lol].
    Never been modded, unlocked, anything. I hardly even have songs on it. Been dropped once from pocket level, hit on the edge by the camera, but didn't even leave a scratch.

    Should I go ahead and take my iPhone in? Or just leave with these until the next update or until it quits working?

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    what you waiting for man?? I would have taken it in yesterday ....based soley on my experience with apple, they were very helpful when I was having a problem with my phone and replaced it no problem...and all that was wrong with mine was a few dead pixels..sounds like u have a more then enough reasons for a return/exchange for a new one..cheers!

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    Default Been there...
    Well, it looks like you have a bad piece of hardware! I have had this issue a couple of times (on my 4th iPhone). Less than 1% of iPhones suffer from this. How I got that many I will never know. The solution is bring to apple tell them you have dead areas to the touch and they should replace it. Just make sure you haven't unlocked it and if you modded, restore it. Everytime it happened to me they replaced it with little to no questions asked! Hope that helps!
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    Sounds like the software is glitching if it is relocating icons. A restore would likely fix, but you might as well take it in for trade to avoid future issues.

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    They just swap it out right there or do they ned to send it in to run some sort of diagnostics on it?

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