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Thread: Big problems with hacked iphone.

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    Default Big problems with hacked iphone.
    I have been a avid researcher / lurker on this form since version 1.1 when I got my first iphone it was version 1.2 I Jailbroke it, unlocked it and for a while I was using a turbo sim taped to my Tmobil Sim card . When the software unlock became available, I upgraded. I was routinely charging my iphone on a firewire charger from a second generation ipod mini. It was never a problem at first and I found it to charge a lot quicker then the usb cable provided with my phone. However, looking back I eventually noticed that my battery life seemed to be decreasing. . Then I dropped the connector end of the charger in a glass of water for my cat by accident.. Knowing that electronics and water donít mix I fully dried the chargerís connector out and pluged it back in and connected the iphone for the nightly chargeÖ woops BIG mistake.

    I left the room for a bit when I noticed a smell. . It was burning plastic . hmm I thatís strange.. I went to grab my phone and OUCH!! That sucker was hotter then a pistol! And a few horizontal lines had dropped off the screen as well.. It was acting erratically at best and eventually wouldnít turn on giving me only the red battery logo prompting me to charge it. . trying everything I could think of: Hard reset, charging it with the usb cable on a computer, getting online to see if anyone else had a similar problem things seemed to be going down hill fast. Then it was over. DEAD. I couldnít get it to boot up. To this day I donít know what happened but I have a pretty good idea it had to do with the charger in the cats water cup. .

    Now nervous I was going to be stuck with a dead iphone that apple would not cover I scrambled to come up with a story for the ďgenius barĒ dip shits. I had hacked it, didnít have a AT&T plan and technically never registered it. . soo heres what I said: Borrowed a friends sim card from his activated iphone to play with mine because it was a gift and I was locked into a plan with tmobil. Then I told them the truth about the phone heating up. . just not the water part. After much inspecting and going back and fourth to talk to his higher ups I could tell my Genious was skeptical. . I was actually kind of nervous (unlike me) Feeling like I was trapped in some kind of iphone purgatory, 30 minutes later he was pulling out a new iphnone for me to take home.. few!!

    If only that were the end of my iSaga.. no it gets worse. . I went on a wonderful vacation to europe with my wife traveling all across the UK taking hundreds of pictures on my new iphone! 2 weeks later it was time to return to the states. Having such a great time in London coming home was awesome too it was like I forgot what home was like. . I even forgot that I never threw away my 2nd generation firewire ipod charger that caused me so much grief 2 weeks earlier. I was so excited to load my vacation photos into the computer but didnít have time to do it right away so I decided to set it on the charge for a bit. Hmm thatís a strange yet familiar smell.. . wait a minute ****!!! No!! I was currently melting the silicone guts on my 2nd iphone. Only this time with all my vacation photos were on it!! Well, the same thing happened.. a slow and grueling death.. what do I do? Is there any way to recover my photos? Is there any way to get a third iphone from the apple store? It was hard enough to get my first exchange on an unregistered iphone. . Will they do it a second time? Was I supposed to be using that charger in the first place? Can anyone help me?
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    wow thats a massive post sorry im lazy didnt read it all
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    my deepest condolences.....

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    Your retarded.
    And a liar.

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    u sucker made me read the whole story hope its real man i want the minutes back of my life
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    you should probably know by now by reading a lot of posts that you must use chargers are that iphone compatible and the firewire will fry your phone.

    i dont' think you can recover your photos...and i don't know if you can exchange another phone at the apple store. maybe go to a different apple store?

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