About 3 days ago i noticed a issue with the mic for my jailbroken 4s 16gb, I would call someone and i could hear them but they could not hear me. The first thing i did was started to backtrack and uninstall anything that previously downloaded tried that and that didn't work. The next thing i did was restored my phone and tried that didn't work either, so i thought i had a bad mic but everything else worked speaker phone, dictation and siri could understand me. So I restored it again and for some reason the mic started to work again, then i decided to jailbreak again. Started to add cydia apps carefully installed about 5 that i purchased and about 5 that i did not purchase then tried phone again an the mic was still working. The next morning when i got up the phone started to do the same thing again so i restored phone and tried calling someone i could hear them but they could not hear me, they only way they could hear me if i blowed into the phone. So i ended up restoring the phone as new so the apple store could not see anything through the diagnostic test so i could get a new phone and i did. Now im afraid to jailbreak again because its obviously a cydia app out there causing this problem just don't know which one it is, by the way i did uninstall everything i had downloaded while phone was still jailbroken and problem still existed. If its jailbreak issue devs please fix!! Thanks!