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Thread: HELP iPhone 5 Backup. Broken non responding screen.

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    Question HELP iPhone 5 Backup. Broken non responding screen.

    So my girlfriend has an iphone 5 and the screens been cracked for quite some time. I had just ordered a new screen to replace it when a couple of days later she went to check the time and screen wasnt responding. Its a white iphone 5 and the lock button doesnt work so when she asked me to have a look at it i couldnt re-boot it. it responded to holding the home button down with the sound of siri going off and the mute switch was responding with vibrations. We left it to die for a day and then plugged it in, in hope of it booting. nothing happened for a few minutes then the phone made the charging sound. no screen and then the charging sound kept repeating every 10 seconds or so. the new screen isnt here yet but ive tested it with my iphone 5 screen and nothing happens still. the screen should be arriving this week but i still have no idea what to do if the phone itself isnt responding..

    ALSOOOO need to get it backed up or just everything off it, mostly photos. it shows up in itunes but cant backup because you need to do the trust thing when you unlock the phone but no screen so we're stuck on that too

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    Does iTunes recognizes it, when you plug it in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbrks View Post
    Does iTunes recognizes it, when you plug it in?
    Yeah but can't back it up because it's pass coded and can't unlock the phone, even though it's the iTunes library/laptop originally synced with

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    You can try using iBackupBot on your PC, but if it doesn't work, than I am afraid, restore is all you can do.

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    Doesn't work coz pass code

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    Have a look, but notice, phone has to be turned off...

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    No power button...

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    Than don't charge it, until you are sure it's dead.....

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