I think I posted this in the wrong forum last time, I just purchased an iphone that would not turn on or charge. I work on iphones all the time so I figured just a battery or dock. I replaced the dock and battery and the phone turned on right away, however the phone was passcoded. I went back to the sellers home and was shown the paper work for the phone right from rogers and i checked the ime's and they matched so the phone is not stolen. She tried 4 or 5 times and now the phone is locked. She gave me a few other passcodes to try as the phone has been out of service since before christmas. Now the hpone will still not charge or connect to my pc, i have tried other pc's and plugging directly into the wall as well. I did fix this issue before for a customer as i just update the phone and everything worked again, but there was no passcode on it. HOw the heck do I get past the passcode? I have tried the youtube method but nothing, any help would be great!