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Thread: swaptunes help needed asap!!!!!!!

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    Default swaptunes help needed asap!!!!!!!
    i need help with my swaptunes on a iphone 1.1.3. It was working fine a while back but now when i try to swap libraries nothing happens. i have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, powering the phone on and off, and hooking it up to both comps.....but nothing has really worked to get my other library back.......please help

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    please manual check for your iTunes library place correctly

    For 1.1.3

    for swaptunes

    but actually swaptunes code (in .sh file) it swap root user directory


    Try to check all directory I told and them move them back to mobile user

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    Thanks for the help....ill try this with shh...hopefully this works!!!

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    okay strange, iīve other folders too

    Strange problem with SwapTunes, files are gone but no FreeSpace
    Since yesterday i have a really strange problem, i hope that somebody can help me in this case.

    I synced my iPhone with iTunes in my Office all things went fine, FreeSpace 5,32GB.
    go outside and want to listen to my synced music, open iPod... it tells me "No Music" ??
    Okay, close iPod and hit SwapTunes App, open the iPod... still "No Music" ??

    Strange so far... where are my Office files ?

    At home, connect the iPhone to iTunes, it has still FreeSpace 5,32GB create it as a new iPhone and sync my home files to it. FreeSpace 3,50GB.
    try to listen to them, works, but my office files are still not available at the iPhone (try to swap it more times... still not available, my home files are available)

    Today back in my Office, hit SwapTunes, open iTunes (FreeSpace 3,50GB), Sync it there again, my office files are available at the iPhone (FreeSpace 1,97GB)

    So now my question, where are the other 1,5-2GB Space is gone from my first sync at the begin of the this post ??????

    i search them i find something:
    ~/User/Media/iTunes_Control/Music/ (inside this folder F00 - F13)
    ~/User/Media/iTunes_Control_2/Music/ (inside this folder F00 - F13)

    ~/private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music/ (inside this folder F00 - F13)
    ~/private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control_2/Music/ (inside this folder F00 - F13)

    For your information, i use the BossTool to free up my system space and move apps, ringtones, fonts to other partion!

    Okay, think this doubled up ? isn`t it? or am i wrong ?
    i donīt want to restore my phone, so please can somebody tell me what iīve to delete inside the folders of system to get the 2GB space back.

    thank you very much for reading this
    iīve tried to rename this two folder
    ~/User/Media/iTunes_Control/Music/ (inside this folder F00 - F13)
    ~/User/Media/iTunes_Control_2/Music/ (inside this folder F00 - F13)
    after that, iTunes will create a new "iPhone" when i connect

    i found a solution for this

    €: i found a solution, itīs not really nice but you donīt have to restore the iphone completely!
    After this you have to restore the backup in iTunes of your Library, be sure that you have one!! My Contacts, SMS, etc. are still available

    1. Connect to iPhone via WinSCP (CLOSE iTunes before!)
    2. Browse to ~/private/var/mobile/Media/ << my place
      (~/var/root/Media/ is also possible)
    3. Delete both folders "iTunes_Control" and "iTunes_Control_2"
    4. Reboot your iPhone
    5. After reboot, check iPod on the iPhone there is no music available all things went correct
    6. Start iTunes
    7. The restore Library screen appears in iTunes
    8. Select your Backup and restore
    9. After restore look at "capacity bar" at the bottom, the FreeSpace is now about 6,5GB, "Other Files" should be around 400-500MB (related to your files before it should be now without the messed up Music files)
    10. Now navigate in iTunes to Music, sync it (you should sync your main iTunes)
    11. After that look at capacity bar, check the free space (or Audio)
    12. Open iPod on iPhone, there should be now your Library available
    13. Now youīll be free to use SwapTunes again or not, i didnīt use it at the moment, but i think iīll give it a news chance in the next days.

    If there are any questions, ask ;-)
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