guys i just wanted to share that hiddensettings7 can crash your device and lead you to a restore. whatever you do, just DO NOT CHANGE THE SIMPLICITY OPTION IN APPSLIDER. this will freeze your iphone. if you accidentally changed it, well do not pull appslider up and go back to hiddensettings7 and put it on default. i did restore my iphone but i was lucky 7.1 was not out yet. more info although hiddensettings7 is a mobiles substrate addon, it is using the ios 7 native settings and is modifying original settings from the device. so if anything gets messed up and you hit done well. things might not go well for you. make sure to becarefull of what you imput in the vield. if it only supports numbers. then do not put any letters or characters other than numbers. that will cause your device to crash... however it is recoverable, thanks to the fallback system. if you have any questions please tweet me at @ElectronikFArts