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Thread: iCloud Lock

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    Question iCloud Lock
    Alright so I'm looking to upgrade from my iP4 to a iP5s, and like most I'm looking to get it as cheap as possible. I keep seeing these iP5s on ebay for good prices but anything under 450-500 is always "iCloud Locked". I know this is some sort of security measure in case you get your phone stolen or lose it or whatever, but I can't see that all these icloud locked phones on ebay are stolen. And forgive me if my morals are lacking, but I'm not going to lose sleep over the possibility that a phone is stolen.

    So my questions are:

    1) Aside of possible moral conflict, is it "wise" to purchase a icloud locked phone? (Obviously its ill-advised, but is it worth it to save a couple to a few hundred bucks)

    2) Is there a way to bypass the icloud lock? I'm no programmer, but I am tech-savvy when it comes to the iphone, they are the only smart phones I've ever had so I know them pretty well. If there is a legit way to bypass, I'm sure I'm capable of doing so.

    3) If there is no such bypass, how limited is the usage of the phone? Do you just not get to sync to the cloud, or does it go as far as not allowing access to the app store, or even further such as basically a limp/emergency mode where you cannot use the phone at all?

    Basically I'm just looking to get educated here, I know virtually nothing about anything past 6.1.2 (other than the fact that iOS7 is aesthetically horrifying and it scares my unborn children) and I need some advise before I commit to any kind of purchases. So any input I can get would be very helpful. Just don't crucify me for being less than virtuous

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    1) It's illegal in many jurisdictions in the United States and European Union to purchase or possess property that you know, should know, or have reason to believe is stolen. A phone rendered unusable by an anti-theft mechanism the seller hasn't and ostensibly cannot remove? Seems reasonable to believe the phone has been separated from its original owner.

    2) The lock can be removed by the original owner inputting their e-mail and password, or going to and removing the device from their device list, or the original owner taking the phone and sufficient proof of purchase to their carrier or Apple.

    3) The phone is a brick that's good at dialing 112 or 911.

    PS: Discussing the wisdom of potentially illegal things is not exactly copacetic with our website rules.

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