.....since ewhen I choose to remove sandcaslte in cydie there's no dependencies that would obligate me to remove other cydia componnetes I wonder (since it also says that sandcastle is for devellopers) I wonder what eould be the effect of remoing it...)

yes I know that it's used for running sandboxed applications.. but wich are these?..(is this smetihnig that for example allows me to save safari downloads anywhere I want (i.e. safari is "sandboxed" by apple and jailbraking allows it to access my internal directory structure in my iphone?...

disabling it has no efect in may iphone that I notice.. BUT is it possible that installing other cydia Stuff will sandaclastle be neeeded? so therefore it's better to leave it?

thanks (and sorry about this question if it's not pertinent revealing my ignorany but asking is how I learn ;) )

greatins from Azores (the 9 islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean ;)