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Thread: Replace stock iOS wallpapers with custom ones?

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    Default Replace stock iOS wallpapers with custom ones?
    Hello there guys

    I had a question with something I had in mind. Since I don't have my iPod with me right now, I can't test it out, but I was ardently wondering whether this would word. I am a person who likes keeping, like, lots of wallpapers. However, I don't really like storing them in my Camera Roll or Photos because I try to keep it organized and I don't like random things like wallpapers here are there and stuff clogging it up and making it look kind of messy.

    This is why I was wondering something. Is is possible to replace all the stock wallpapers that are shown in the Settings app with wallpapers of my own, so that it could be a bit more organized, the way I like it? I would love for something like that, instead of having to go to the Camera Roll every time I wanted to change the wallpaper, and it would integrate quite well, wouldn't it? It would be really awesome.

    So does anyone know how to do this? I Googled a tiny bit and I found out that the wallpapers were stored somewhere in Library/Wallpapers. Can anyone try and replace the wallpapers there and see if that works too? I would really appreciate it


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    Anyone know how to replace them? I tried yesterday, but it didn't work

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    I think there might be specific folder /Name for them

    Google is your best friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackHaal View Post
    Anyone know how to replace them? I tried yesterday, but it didn't work
    That's strange, it should work if you replace the files within /Library/Wallpapers/iPhone o.o

    Keep in mind each wallpaper has two files in the folder. One file is the actual wallpaper, the other is the thumbnail for the settings app, always replace a set!

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