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Thread: New to this.. Some Cydia Questions

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    Default New to this.. Some Cydia Questions
    Hello, I am fairly new to this jailbreaking, haven't used it since 3G. I have a jailbreak iphone 5s and using 7.0.4

    I just have some questions that I hope I can get some help with from the more experienced

    1) What are some of the best/most useful tweaks/apps I should look for and what do they do?

    2) mod edit, cracked apps/warez discussion is not allowed on the forum.

    3) I installed Winterboard but there are no themes listed inside? I try to install some themes too but its not listed inside winterboard.. I remember back then when jailbreak first came out on the old iphones (3G/3GS), the themes were all inside wb already and i just click and it resprings itself.

    4) I believe cydia substate is needed to install tweaks (themes, icons, etc)

    5) I also tried getting a few ringtones from cydia but I do not see it listed on the ringtone settings and some of them went inside winterboard but when i use it, nothing happens..

    6) How do I get PSP or GBA and games on my phone? I saw someone playing it on the train :P

    7) Does install on cydia restart springboard/reboot phone? I am afraid restarting so much is going to break my phone sooner

    8) How do I activate the tweak "bars"? I installed it and tried rebooting and it didn't change my signal icon.. I don't see anywhere in settings to edit it or any new app installed to change it.

    Thats all for now.. Sorry for being a noob leecher.. And if cracked app talks or what not is not allowed here or I violated some other rule, please let me know so I can edit post.. Thanks for the help all ..

    P.S I did do some research before posting but still confused
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    Hello, To answer question 1: I have these currently installed on my iphone 5S running 7.0.4. many of these are paid tweaks, but I think most are worth it. Some have free versions with less functions. google them to find repos that you can get them from

    5x6 (No Icon Labels) Iconoclasm Layout - Allows for 5 columns and 6 rows of icons per page. Must have Iconoclasm to use
    Activator - lets you set gestures to activate pretty much anything. free! must have!
    Adblocker - blocks most ads in web browsers
    AirBlue - allows transferring of files directly to other jailbroken devices that have this tweak. it uses bluetooth and turns off after transfer is complete
    AndroidLock XT - gives you android dot lock screen. Also lets you bypass entering codes while on wifi networks of your choice.
    Apptray - adds app quick launch tab in notification center
    Background Manager - Allows you to set backgrounded apps. they won't pause when you lock phone or use other apps. for example, you can listen to videos playing from your videos app while surfing the web
    Barrel - adds cool page transitions to your home screen
    BatteryPeek - it will toggle the battery % for about 3 seconds before hiding it again. set with activator
    Bigify - remove icon labels/resize icons
    BioLockdown - allows you to lock apps, control center toggles, and more with finger print touch ID
    biteSMS - access messages anywhere with a gesture. It pops up over the app
    Bloard - black keyboard
    Browser Changer - set default browser to something other than safari, open map links in google maps
    BytaFont 2 - change fonts on your phone to your choice
    CallBar - makes a phone bar pop up over apps instead of getting the phone screen splash. can access phone anywhere
    CCLoader - customize control center
    customLS - customize lockscreen
    Cydia Substrate - automatically installed. enables most tweaks
    Disable Parallax Effect - get rid of the moving wallpapers if it makes you seasick
    DockShift - customize dock background
    FakeClockUp - speeds up animations
    Firewall iP7 - allows you to selectively block outgoing transmissions
    Five Icon Dock - 5 icons in dock
    FlipControlCenter - customize control center
    FolderCloser - closes folders automatically after opening app
    gpSPhone - GBA emulator
    gpSPhone Bios - required to run GBA emulator
    Gridlock 2.0 - allows you to arrange icons any way you want
    iCaughtU Pro - it can take pictures and send location of phone when someone enters wrong lock password certain amount of times. compatible with androidlock xt
    iCleaner Pro - cleans out useless files to save space. can also disable launch daemons to reduce RAM usage and more
    Iconoclasm - use it to change icon layout
    iFile - used like windows explorer, only for your phone
    MiniPlayer - mini player for the iphone
    MobileTerminal (iOS7) - terminal app for the phone. use to change password for SSH into phone
    MultiIconMover+ - move multiple icons at once
    NCAllOnly - allow to hide "today" and "missed" notification tabs
    Nitrous - enable nitro java for all browsers, not sure safari. speeds up browsing
    NoCyAds7 - no ads in cydia
    NoPageDots7 - gets rid of page dots
    NoteCreator - make notes from anywhere. pops up like bitesms
    OpenSSH - allows you to browse phone filesystem from computer using winscp
    OverBoard - brings up an overlay of all your pages. you can choose a page to jump to
    PrivaCy - blocks some anonymous usage data from being sent
    ProTube - can download youtube videos
    RePower - adds additional sliders for reboot/respring/safe mode under the power down slider
    ResetAllKiller - disables reset all in settings
    Ringer & Tones - can set different sounds/vibrations for different notifications
    SBPowerAlert - can show some statistics of the phone, like current IP, network, and free RAM. also can add options for reboot/respring/powerdown
    ShakeToUndo Killer - gets rid of shake phone to undo
    ShowCase - keyboard letters will show the case you're typing in. lower case when shift isn't active, capitals when shift is active
    Sicarius - nice multitasking tweak to kill all apps and make it look cooler
    Software Update Killer - disable OTA software updates
    StatusHUD 2 - eliminates the volume pop up and puts it in the status bar
    Substrate Safe Mode - automatically installed. if a tweak is incompatible, it will shoot you into safe mode so you can remove the bad tweak
    SwipeSelection Pro - allows you to swipe the keyboard to move the typing caret
    TetherMe - enables wifi hotspot on your phone so you can broadcast an access point for a wifi only device. be careful because carrier might charge you. use at your own risk
    Virtual Home - VERY USEFUL AND FREE. allows you to use the touch ID to unlock phone while the screen is still dark, access app switcher, lock phone, and return to home screen. all of these use different touch patterns (tap, double tap, hold, etc)
    Zeppelin - customize the carrier name

    There are others like 3G unrestrictor, which tricks your phone to thinking its on wifi when you're on 3G/LTE. you can do everything you would be able to do on wifi.

    Before installing, make sure to read that it's compatible with ios 7 and iphone 5S. it will save you headaches.

    To answer question 3...winterboard is still not perfected yet. You will probably need to wait.

    To answer question 4...cydia substrate and safe mode are automatically installed.

    To answer question gpsphone and gpsphone bios. Then use SSH and transfer your roms into the directory it tells you to.

    To answer question 7...restarting doesn't hurt the phone. at least, not in my experience

    To answer question 8...bars might not be compatible. the screenshot looks like ios 6
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    Thank you for the reply and all that wonderful info.. really appreciate you taking your time and helping me.. I am going to looking into that long list

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