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Thread: Springboard Keeps Crashing And Deleting All Contacts!

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    Default Springboard Keeps Crashing And Deleting All Contacts!
    I know this isn't a new bug, and I don't think it's jailbreak related either. When my phone (4S) was on 5.1.1 the springboard would occasionally crash and the contacts photos would be switched around or assigned to ones that never had photos before. Now, on iOS 7.0.4 the springboard crashes and all contacts are deleted. Then when you try to reprogram one in, it instantly forgets it again right in front of your eyes. So annoying. You sync it, and it will remember them till the crash occurs again. I should've stayed on iOS 5.1.1. I recently lost ALL my contacts in ALL locations anyways after a combination of updating itunes, updating the phone, and the phone not being able to restore from a backup because it was constantly stuck on the "connect to itunes" screen. I had to set up as new and lost every contact I ever had. I didn't know itunes liked to delete backups. I would've backed up my back up.

    I've also noticed now suddenly there's an additional 2 gigs of data used up in the "other" category? WTF?!?!?!
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    Sounds like you needed to restore with all the issues you were having. Perhaps use iCloud to sync your data.

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    Ok, now that random 2 gigs is gone. And I'm backing it up to iCloud now. This just seems like a silly bug. I wonder if I'm using too much RAM or whats causing it. It didn't seem to occur until I installed vWallpaper2 and tricked it out a bit. Sorry for my initial post. It was driving me bonkers.

    ! Now no matter what it simply remember no contacts, ever. They don't backup to the computer or iCloud.

    EDIT2: Ok, so I told it to sync the contacts with icloud and it imported my entire old contact list (316 contacts) and they were there for about 10 minutes and then disappeared again and won't come back. I had hiddensettings7 installed and restored all the defaults and uninstalled it and the problems seem less but this phone is messed up.

    EDIT3: Got the contacts back into the phone then backed it up. Now restoring it to original iOS7 and re-jailbreaking with the newest version released evasi0n 1.0.3. The whole restore was really painless and went well surprisingly. Fingers crossed.
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