Hi, would be very grateful if anyone could help me out! I have an iPhone 4S, jailbroken and running iOS 6.1.1. As of yesterday, I can't get the screen to sleep/turn off. However, my power button isn't broken as I can use Activator to assign other tasks to it. I've tried assigning "lock/unlock" to different actions, but no go. Setting "auto-lock" to 1 minute just causes the screen to dim. The only way I have managed to turn the screen off so far is by putting it in a dock, which causes it to switch off instantly, but only until I remove it. It also won't shut down without the help of SBSettings.

Tried Googling, but can't find anyone with this issue. I don't mind restoring, but I thought I'd ask around for a possible quick-fix. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!