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Thread: 9 GB of Other after Restoring, Please Help!!

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    Default 9 GB of Other after Restoring, Please Help!!
    I have an iPhone 4S on ios 6.1 jailbroken. I just created a backup of my iPhone and restored my phone to 7.0.4 from that backup to get ready for the new jailbreak. Everything was going fine until it was at the syncing part. For some reason, everything synced except for my music, which is about 11 gbs on music. This is due to the reason being that I have 9 GB on Other on my phone for some reason. Back when I was jailbroken on ios 6.1, I had around 4-5 gb of Other on my phone which is strange. Also, something new popped up on my screen called Documents & Data which take up 4 gb of space. Currently I have 6.16 gb of free space, but that isn't enough for all my music.

    What I'm wondering is where did the extra gb of Other come from and how can I remove it so I can sync all my music? Thanks! Also, my phone is now in ios 7. Please help fast!!

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    Come on...200+ views no replies? I really need help

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    hey man, 9gb sounds like a pretty insane case of other space. Mine was 4gb and I got it down to 1gb. What I did was:
    -Go to Settings->General->Usage
    -Go into music
    -Press edit, then delete all your music
    -Re-sync all your music back on via itunes

    After doing that, I lost a solid 3gb of other. When I was looking around I also saw some stuff about a program called phone clean. Seemed pretty legit, but most people said anything under 1.5gb of other is pretty normal and phoneclean most likely wont bring you below those.

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    Idk what the "Other" actually is but I know how I always get rid of it. I've always had that slowly build up but it always goes away after a restore. When you updated did you actually click update or restore in iTunes?

    When I update I always backup iPhone, put device in DFU, restore, setup as new phone, jailbreak then load the backup back on to the phone. It always gets rid of the "Other" if I do it that way.

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    Never mind, I fixed it myself the night I posted this. Forgot to post back. For any others that have this problem and would visit this thread for future use:

    Basically I experimented with iTunes. I deleted an album, then re added it to my iTunes, then synced again. When I checked my music app, it was the only thing in the music app. So what I did was press shift while opening iTunes which gives you the option of choosing several iTunes libraries that you have on your computer or to create a new one. Thankfully, when I chose Choose Library, there was a folder called Previous iTunes Backups or something and it had a library that was dated pretty recent (Christmas). So I chose to open that library, then resynced my phone and it worked! All my other was basically gone and became my music files and I saw them in my music app. That was better than manually deleting and then readding all the albums.

    Thanks for all your help though guys.

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    I had this happen too and pretty sure it corrected itself after I simply tried re-syncing my phone.

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