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Thread: "slide to unlock" pulse lag

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    Default "slide to unlock" pulse lag
    Hey everyone...when I wake my iPhone from sleep and it comes to the unlock screen, the pulse of light that flashes across the words "slide to unlock" seems to lag on the 2nd pass in addition to the locking mechanism itself...anyone else have this problem? My phone is unlocked, not yet updated to 1.1.1 and the only app I have installed is MobileChat (Which I also uninstalled/resintalled, no change). I've powered it on and off as well as resetting it but to no avail. It's not an entirely serious problem just a minor pet peeve of mine that I'd like to relieve if there was a chance, thanks for the help.

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    hmm my unlocked modded phone doesnt seem to suffer from this problem

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    ok, i just realized that the lag happens when my phone switches from edge to wi-fi...any ideas?

    is it safe to reset my network settings without my phone locking up on me or would that not even help at all?

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    thats normal

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    I have the same issue. I figured it was just something that happened. It only happens when the springboard gets reset though so its not happening when I wake it up from sleep.

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    it's all normal I get the samething
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    Ah, well for me it seems to occur from time to time only when I wake it from sleep.

    But I'm glad to know that I didn't do anything to casue that issue, thanks for the replys.

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