So I just started using Androidlock XT. I know I'm super late to the party on that one. I tried a pirated version first to see if I would like it and then decided to buy it instantly after that.

However, the paid version wants to uninstall Grabby. I don't want that. I love Grabby. The pirated version works together side by side with Grabby. So I don't understand why the paid one doesn't.

Grabby is also paid for. I tried the beta version on Ryan's repo and the normal one. Both want to uninstall Androidlock XT. I want the paid versions to work together. Heck, I paid for it. So as of right now I'm using the pirated Androidlock XT and the paid Grabby. Any help?

Tl;dr bought Androidlock XT and Grabby. They don't play nice with each other. The pirated version of Androidlock XT and the paid version of Grabby does. Please help.