Ok I have been going crazy with this mess I make a ringtone in Garageband for example 4 Minutes and I ship it out to iTunes and after that i sync it with iPhone everything is ok. Now I go and make another ringtone with lets say Test and when i sync it to the iphone via itunes i get

4 Minutes
4 Minutes on the custom area of the ringtones on the iphone.

When i go and play them both with the same name they play the song that is listed. 4 Minutes will play on both instead of 4 Minutes on one and Test on another its so freaking complicated and i cant seem to fix it. the only way to fix it is to either put one or the other... Any HELP would be awesome. I have been having this problem with 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 which i recently restoring to thinking the problem would be resolved and im not even jailbroken either.