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Thread: questions need answers. just need a point in the right way

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    Default questions need answers. just need a point in the right way
    so i've read posts and looked around but still have some ?'s. i have a 8gb iphone that i unlocked from AT&T to TMobile with 1.1.4. i used ZIphone 2.5 and downgraded the boot loader. now should i erase the 3.9 BL Baseband? also i downloaded the Summerboard app via Installer and it says i have SMBPrefs 3.2, and SummerBoard 3.2 (Inactive).... does that mean i'm missing an app? and is why i cant seem to notice any changes when i play with the settings? last but not least- i have iPhoneBrowser v1.5.2.0 but cant seem to put a new battery icon on it, or what do i do when i unzip a file on my laptop and it needs to go the iphone? when i click root on IphoneBrowser where a var file should be i only see an icon with the words any words of wisdom woukd be helpfull.. thanks

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    Just power off your phone and turn it back on. That should take care of it. At least thats what I had to do.

    As for iPhoneBrowser, that is an application that you will run from your laptop, which will allow to you both save and transfer files to your iPhone. You can simply drag files to the location you wish for them to reside in. As for saving a file, just right-click the file and choose "save as" and you will be on your way.

    For the custom battery icons, you want to install "Customize" from the installer app. If you receive an error you are going to need to modify your SystemVersion.plist file located in "/System/Library/CoreServices" just change the ProductVersion to read 1.1.3 instead of 1.1.4. This doesn't do anything but trick the applications to think you have 1.1.3 rather than 1.1.4
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    i'm gonna try those suggestions now. i had some sound issuses so far but fixed that. so so far everything runs good. any dont do's for me? i know i shouldnt update my iphone since i use tmobile.

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