iPhoneSIMfree, the pay-per-unit-license solution to satisfy iPhone unlocking needs, appears to resolve the bricking of iPhones resulting after Apple's official software update. Gizmodo reports that the software solution could be used alone and not even need the TurboSIM card to call, send SMS, and mail over your non-AT&T service.

How's that for a keeper? iPhoneSIMfree creators previously made it known to the iPhone community, especially their customers, that their solution would still work despite the obvious concern over Apple's recent update announcement and talks of possible bricking.

Confirming all fears, the solution also can run without the need for the TurboSIM solution, simply by re-activating your iPhone coupled with your favorite service SIM and softwares Independence or iBrick.

In addition, it appears people behind the software unlocker claim that if you decide to downgrade your iPhone software, it will proceed to do so without locking out your non-AT&T SIM. So backing down to Apple software version 1.0.2 should be easy. The creators also have announced new changes to their software, such as:

* A free unlock that will work with version 1.1.1 for those who have successfully upgraded (or successfully re-locked and upgraded) yet cannot unlock. The solution is currently in testing phase.
* Downgrading the baseband, so that users may unlock their v1.0.2 iPhones when previously restored from v1.1.1 to v1.0.2.