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Thread: Camera wont work! helpz

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    Default Camera wont work! helpz
    oh man.. after finding out how to use i went crazy and install lots of programs under i instaled bunch of games.. IM client.. launchers... dictionary.. and other cool stuffs. After installing about 15 programs, i went to my xlauncher and played around with the programs i installed... one of the programs i installed is called "pirates" it suppose to add some addons on the picture. But the background of the program was just all black... so i pressed d home button and checked the default camera.. and there it was... all black background.

    This actually happened to me before just right before i finished unlocking my iphone about 2 weeks ago. But a simpe power off and power on did the trick..

    I tried restarting my iphone for like 5 times.. but nothing. I even uninstalled everything i installed under only thing left in there is.. somthing "BSD"... i couldnt uninstall it bc theres no option for it.. only thing i can do for that is to "reinstall". I also have "Vrecord" still in my iphone.

    please help ! I really feel like this is only some kind of software complications.. I dont wanna send my iphone to apple.. bc i already installed bodyguardz screen protector in it.. and my iphone is unlocked... i might have void d warranty already.. =\

    aww.. is this impossible to fix? do i have no choice but to send it to apple store? or its jes no1 wants to help me out... ?
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    restore your phone first, that should be in the noob guide. Then don't mod your phone again if its that intimidating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eg6motion View Post
    restore your phone first, that should be in the noob guide. Then don't mod your phone again if its that intimidating.
    iphone restored... jailbroken.. and bypass activation once again. rechecked camera. still the same

    camera is still all black.

    please help.

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    hardware? take it to apple

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    return it and get u a new iphone make sure u restore the whole phone
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