Hi All,

I used the iphone unlocking tool ver 1.0. I use Vista, and failed.
Get an error - that it failed with the latest version of itunes.
on my old laptop I have an old version, and it workled to unlock.

Now trying to sync on my vista computer. I can drag music and movies , but I get no icons in my Iphone folder??
So I can use my iphone as Ipod / Wifi - but I can't have a proper catlouge in my itunes. Anyone else?
I drag over too much - and now i want to erase some albums...

I just reccive and error that says that i must activate TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 but they already activaded....So i don't know how to solve...

My other questions:

I live in Sweden, we use letters as ,,

And finally - we use microsoft exchange as a corporate mail, we're aloud to use microsoft pushmail. What is my best souloution?

Sorry for all theese stupid questions, I have really tried to browse the forums...


The games i have bought thru itunes won't sync. Does anyone knows if they made just for ipod?