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Thread: 3GS Looped/ Bricked? Cant restore stuck on apple logo

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    Exclamation 3GS Looped/ Bricked? Cant restore stuck on apple logo
    Hi guys,

    Here is my situation I got this 3gs I was running 4.2.1 (not jailbroken) , I restore my contacts apps from my old Iphone 4 back up that was also running 4.2.1(Jailbroken with Greenp0ison). Pictures, contacts, logs ect restore fine,
    then i did the following to brick my phone.
    1. Jailbroke it with limera1n, (installed cydia but never opened icon was white)
    2. jailbroke it with redsnow, (same)
    3. Jailbroke it with Greenp0ison ( fixed cydia and was able to install multiple tweeks and apps) phone worked fine, was happy.
    4. Installed few more apps from istallous 4 everything was fine, later that day my phone went to black screen couldnt power it on with sleep or home button.

    5. So i did a hard reset( home+sleep ) after that the nightmare started, Phone went into loop , apple logo(this case skull) and status cirlcle. I did a hard reset several time but nothing worked.

    6. So now i decided to Restore my phone to 4.3.5 since it was stuck in loop. Restored phone succesfully with ipsw 4.3.5, itunes 10.4.1. But the restore left me with the same loop after power up. So i tried restoring it several time no success,
    7. tried to jailbreak 4.3.5, still the same after jailbreak, tried (fixrecovery43.exe) with .dll also didnt work, then i tried iREB-r4.exe without success. So now i tried to downgrade but only have the 4.1 SSH so i downgraded to 4.1 and still in the loop, the funny part itunes recognizes the phone i can put in music pictures ect. but when I click on APPS it will freeze up itunes. Also when i open it with Iphonebrowser I only see this folders

    So now I am out of ideas really, any help to getting my phone unbricked ill gladly donate you some paypal lunch. thanks in advance


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    No help for thieves here.
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    Talking or helping with warez is against forum rules. Thread closed.

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