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Thread: Jailbreaking an Iphone to make it Old people friendly

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    Default Jailbreaking an Iphone to make it Old people friendly
    ok so my mother and sister just upgraded to the iphone 4 (god only knows why when upgrades are round the corner but anyway) and they are giving there old 3GS's to my grandparents now i have jailbroken for ages but have only used it to add features.

    does anyone know of any good tweaks or sources i could use to make the iphone easier to use for my grandparents. the most they would use is the phone really and possibly text, clock and safari (safari is pushing it a little lol)

    one tweak that came to mind was the green and red answer/reject buttons instead of slide to answer as then they can reject people who not to speak to and i can tell them the colour to press.

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    I know this is an old old thread but I finally got round to doing this for my gran and grandad as I had two spare iPhone 3GS's and thought I would share it for anyone else's needs. Here are the packages I used. Not all are free.

    Activator - used this to set sbsettings to a gesture so that my grandad couldn't access it
    Asktocall - he sometimes taps the wrong person so this asks him before it makes the call.
    Springtomize2 - this lets me hide disable notifications centre everywhere and remove dots and paging
    Novoicemail - I think this is what it's called. It removes the voicemail in the phone making the icons at the bottom less cramped. Plus he never uses voicemail.
    Ezdecline - changes the slide to answer to an accept and decline button which is more in keeping with normal phones.
    Iconoclasm - this is so I can alter the icon layout to make it easier.
    Nonewsisgoodnews - removes newsstand.
    Nospot - disables spotlight search
    Sbsettings - I used this to hide all but phone SMS clock and iPod from springboard. And add settings cydia etc to the sbsettings dock.
    Shrink - I used this to make the icons bigger at 150% so that there easier to see.
    Software update killer - used this to disable software updates on phone.
    2x2 layout - this is the iconoclasm layout I used.
    Startdial - used this tweak to set the phone app to goto the favourites tab each time it's open.

    I also setup iCloud on both my grans and grandad's iPhone which I setup identically using above tweaks so that they have one contacts which I can manage and add numbers keep up to date from the web which is useful. I also used one of those mediadevil home button stickers to give them a more visible and tactile button which they find easier.

    If anyone can think of any other tweaks to make it any easier etc that would be great. I will update with some screenshots and maybe a video when I next see them.

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