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Thread: iLockout won't install on iphone 4 - 4.2.1

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    Default iLockout won't install on iphone 4 - 4.2.1
    I paid the $2.99, downloaded the 25MB and after it goes through the instal a green check mark appears beside the app but it's nowhere to be found on my phone. I also noticed after it's "installed" it won't show the details of the app anymore either. Anyone else have this problem and have a solution?

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    Same problem here on 4.3.3! This s*&ks!

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    Default Same problem here
    I have 4.3.3 and have exact same issue. Tried reinstall and rebooting and still nothing in settings.

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    Did you all check the settings app to see if iLockout was there?

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    First thing after the reboot yes..

    All 5 times I reinstalled it.

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    Default same issue here
    Evidently the dev knows about this issue as mentioned on the dev website:

    It appears the testing phase for this app left alot to be desired.

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    I highly apologize for those of you having problems with the app not showing up in your settings. My team is working very hard to correct the issue and we will be pushing an update asap. Also in this update, we are eliminating the 3 free add-ons needed to launch ILockOut. I'm primed to deliver the highest quality products the cydia store has ever seen before. ***Update*** I will be uploading the update tomorrow to fix all known bugs with the current version.

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    It's tomorrow...

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    It's already been submitted to the host for approval. Thank you very much. By the way, did you happen to actually pay for the copy?

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    I paid..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonezalesproductions View Post
    It's already been submitted to the host for approval. Thank you very much. By the way, did you happen to actually pay for the copy?
    What kind of question is that? Of course all of these people paid, otherwise how could they know that upon install the app was non-functional?

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    Default P
    Quote Originally Posted by ynoteh View Post
    I paid..
    You'd be surprised the feedback I've had from people that have the cracked copy. Lol. Just checking. It will be corrected as soon as it's sent to cydia. Sorry again for the inconvenience. I've been working around the clock correcting the issue.

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    We just released an update for ILockOut that fixed a compatibility bug. For those of you having issues of the tweak not showing up in your settings, this fixes that issue. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy.

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    Bonezalesproductions - I really want to like this app. But I just installed update 1.0.1 on
    my i4 4.3.3 and I am not seeing ILockout within Settings. I tried upgrade first, then
    reboot, then uninstall/install with reboot - twice - and still no ILockout. At this point
    what is there to do? I never really have these issues like this.


    Update: Found white ILockOut icon on springboard.
    Now learned I need to install 3 more Cydia apps: Move2UnLock, IncarcerApp, Activator
    (which we all have already anyway).
    Yet the dev is wrong, Move2Unlock is not free, it is $.99
    Tough decision - do I pay for Move2Unlock and see if ILockOut lives up to the dev's
    indications, or do I cut my losses and move on...

    Also - I did not see in the app or within the instructions where to setup the
    email address to receive the pictures.

    Evidently there is more development needed on this app.
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    The program is free and it's called Move Lockscreen to Unlock. That tweak is found by adding ***mod edit*** into your sources. The next version that will be set to release soon, will eliminate the need for any add on programs. Once the update is in place, all you'll have to do is slide to unlock and ILockOut will launch. The current version 1.0.1 has been thoroughly tested on all firmwares so make sure your reading the installation guide correctly.Thanks.
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    mod edit

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    I installed the update and I can't find a place to change the password or setup the email.. I found the blank lockout icon and that only has the install instructions.. When I press done it asks me to put in the password, my lock password doesn't work, is there a default password?

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    The default password is 1234 until you change it thanks.

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    Below are the instructions. It does not mention the ihacks repo, the default password, nor the location to set up the email.
    I'm assuming this would be accessible via the settings, which still does not work at this point.
    This is turning out to be a joke.

    ILockOut is an alternate way to secure your device. Once set up you’ll have 15, 30, or 45 seconds to input your password to unlock your phone. After the expiration of the timer, your front facing camera will snap a photo and send it to the email address of your choice. You also have your choice of ten different themes to choose from as your timer counts down. Supported Devices,
    iPhone 4
    iPod Touch 4

    Steps to set up the app.
    1st you will need 3 add-on apps to set up ILockOut.
    Apps needed (all free from cydia)
    Move Lockscreen to Unlock

    Tutorial to begin:
    Go into your setting and click on Move Lockscreen to Unlock ----> Enable this feature and click hide unlock slider then ----> scroll down to behavior and change to pinch lockscreen.

    Step 2
    Go to your settings again and choose Activator. click At Lockscreen and scroll down to Sleep Button -----> Short Hold. Add ILockOut for this gesture. To disable the home button go back to Activators first screen and choose In Application -----> click short hold & single press for the Home button and choose ILockOut for each.

    Step 3
    Go into IncarcerApp and select overrides ---> Choose ILockOut and check IncarcerApp to enable. *Note* I would check the block calls to ensure if a call comes in that your intruder can't bypass the security.

    Your all set. Enjoy. I will be posting a tutorial video very soon on youtube under mikemike26ny.

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    The fact that you were all set to pay .99 for the incorrect app add on leads me to believe that your still doing something wrong on your end. I've had great feedback from the new version that was released and I have another version coming soon that will eliminate the 3 add on programs on it's way shortly. We're working around the clock to enhance the app and make it user friendly. With all due respect if you feel the app is a joke then wander on over to another security app.

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    I installed the app. I got a white icon like some others. No entry in settings.

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