Hi, I bought an Iphone 4 about a month ago so I'm fairly new to this. I've searched my problem online but it's fairly specific so I thought I'd ask on a forum like this. I have two accessories that I'd like to connect to my device: The MBW-150 (Bluetooth watch) and Jaybird Freedom (Bluetooth headset).

The headset worked without a problem, but the watch could not be found by the native bluetooth software. This morning I found that someone had worked out a client for it called OpenWatch, which required me to jailbreak my phone and a lot of funky other things (which I hope could be restored if I ever need to get it fixed via warrenty). I finally got the watch to work, but now the headset wouldn't.

I've tried typing ""rfcomm-cat -a xxxxxxx -c 1 -p 0000" into my Putty SSH console replacing the 1 with 2 and the x'es with the MAC address of my headset, and even though it says connection successful, there is no response when I try using my headset.

There are bits and pieces online that suggest that btstack, some special bluetooth thing used by Openwatch, allows me to connect my watch but nothing else. Is this true? I'd like to find a way to connect both, if possible.